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History of the Ionian Alliance

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History of the Ionian Alliance

Post by Haggis on Thu Feb 18, 2010 1:53 am

We are the Ionian alliance from The Browser game IKARIAM

The Current leadership of our alliance

Founder/Leader: Polycrates
General: Widowmaker
Diplomat: Efkit
Home Secretary: Haggis

Although it has not always been these 4.

Many moons ago (February 2008-April 2008) our great leader Polycrates had a great dream: a coalition of free nations ruled through democracy by a council appointed by himself that would always listen to the will of the people, and such the Ionian Alliance was born. Like all the true leaders of those times he took upon himself the job of General, Home Secretary and Diplomat. These were dark times of which the writer, who was born (registered) towards the end of them, does not have much knowledge.

During the early days I stumbled upon what was a small coalition of merchants, scholars, builders and warriors. This sounded special so I decided to join them and as a result I became one of the first member states of the Ionians. That is the era, which I would end up calling “The Days of Awakening”.

During this time key members of the alliance joined, Ilumm, Haggis, Hebe, Efkit, Aurora Caerulea, all of whom helped shape and guide the alliance through many stages of development.

Our First General (Ilumm) was to be superseded in that position by one of the great minds in terms of tactics, Aurora Caerulea, (General and afterward Diplomat) and our first Home Secretary Kevinocles,who was succeeded by Mister_Y of ION. These were the persons that recruited some of our first members and who led us in the first battles. People such as Haggis, Kevinocles and Llorn were here with us and helped us grow.

Our first Test of Fire came when the war with MKSH was imminent. At that time, general was Haggis. This all started with
a Petertr assault on a member of our alliance and further mocking of us. We swiftly decided to defend our honor and appease the gods by starting a war against this alliance. The war ended after about a month during which most of the MKSH either joined us or became inactive. We passed the test of fire with full honors and became a force that actually mattered in this world and was respected by the gods as opposed to our opponents who refused to even answer our calls to battle.

This victory, combined with the changes introduced to our world by the appearance of 0.2.8, brought upon us a new epoch. A team was already formed which consisted of our great General Haggis, our esteemed Diplomat Efkit (who replaced Aurora Caerulea), our hard-working Home Secretary Hebe (who replaced Mister Y), Ilumm and Polycrates, the person who keeps us all bound together.

The Forum Ages-The Days of Glory

Why “Days Of Glory”? Due to all our achievements during that period. That was when our entire Ranking System was put into place. This was when our leadership team grew accustomed to one another and worked thoroughly all the ideas put on the table.

This was when we grew in rank and respect throughout the Alpha server.

During this entire period the forum increased in size and importance, allowing the basis of our alliance to prosper

That was when we first implemented the Lieutenants and Captains system which proved an excellent way to bring strength to all corners of our alliance, we have member states in all reaches of the alpha server.

The glory era came to an end with the introduction of a new version of the game in 0.3.1.

At this time the Leadership of the alliance went through a few changes, our Home Secretary and Generals positions changed around this time, (both difficult roles to fill) but through the contacts our leader has in all areas of Alpha we found some perfect replacements in the form of Suzanne, and Widowmaker. The rest of the leadership remained the same (Polycrates, Efkit, and Ilumm).

Time passed, and our ranks began to swell once again, and the decision was made to expand our alliance recruiting and form a training alliance to help new players become accustomed to the Ionian ways.

The decision was made and a trusted member of ION (JamCool) founded ION-p, our forum expanded, our ranks continued to swell, at one point we had near 250 members between both alliances.

The Ionians have always been a group of independent cities, this has always been one of our strengths, however this was about to test the alliance to the core.

A simple pillage, a routine attack, and it was all over.

Ilumm, a member of the leadership of our alliance attacked a much lower ranked player of an alliance that we had peaceful relations with. After trying to resolve this issue diplomatically both from Ilumm, and the alliance perspective no common ground was found. Ilumm was removed from the alliance for dishonoring our name, and with him went our original forum.

However, as soon as we lost one forum, another was born (the one you are on now) and life in Ionia moved forward.

Not long after our world was brought a new gift (0.3.2) and the 80 round battle was born, a major adjustment to the battle system brought new challenges for us all, however without our trusty General Widowmaker we would still be lost.

The new system made it much more difficult for casual players to become involved and for the first time in our history we began to loose players, some minor players at first but soon we would loose some long time friends.
Our first major loss was Aurora Caurela, and with her we seen our ranks continue to shrink. Something had to be done to ensure our survival.

Our members from far and wide sent representatives to Polycrates stronghold all eager to be included in the new world. After the jirga was over the alliance was once again reborn. Now with a core group of high ranking active players ready to fight for our Alliance. The talks were long and tiresome, and in the end we lost many friends at the Jirga and we also lost out training alliance. The decision was made to combine the strongest members of both alliances and come together under the ION flag, however their leader (JamCool) wanted to protect his family and decided to go their own way.

We are now a group 75-80 players, who have played together for nearly 2 years.

Now we say goodbye to our famed Home Secretary Suzanne only to have her role filled by myself (Haggis).

So here we are again, still under the guidance of the unflappable Polycrates.

Defended by our first rate General Widowmaker, without whom we could not go 80 rounds.

Forever protected by the wisdom of our Original Diplomat Efkit.

And myself (Haggis) as Home Secretary, and forum administrator.

There are Ionians all over the alpha server, and indeed all over the world.

Thank you for reading our story, now COME JOIN US.

Friendship is like peeing yourself, only you know the warmth it brings!!

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