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Post by Ezio on Tue Oct 05, 2010 2:32 am

Hi im Ezio Auditore.

Im woundering what you can tell me about [FLM] Flaming Wombats alliance.

The short story is.

Theres a player on my island called griffindale.

And his friend called naas both tried to blackmail me into giving my resources to griffin not to mention i only started 3 days ago and had very little resources.

Now there noobish ways will make me laugh for ever.
Griffin attacked me but couldnt breach my wall(He wasnt in FLM at the time).
Naas sent a force of 200 troops and was bounced back by my warship which they never took out.
Anyqway they stopped saying it was a wind up.

So about a week later i saw griffin with no troops and about 3k wood and marble.
Before i attacked with 30 hops and 30 swordsman and 2 rams he was in FLM.

I nearly got away with the hits but naas caught my last attack on him.
Now for the first few attacks they bounced off my warship again.
Now naas has built a colony on my island and is even closer to my homeworld taking 20 hours of his journey.
When i done a joint attack with my alliance(Which has 2 members in so far) i came back to my other town called tiber and they launched an attack on my home city which i lost nothing so before i went to work i put 50 hops and some 10 swords and 10 slingers and i dont know why he cancelled the attack but if he didnt he would of won the attack.

Anyway one of their alliance members is sending a force of some 50 hops and some swords,archers and cats.

Dont know if my warship will bounce that attack but the point is these guys are bullies and i would like some help on the matter.

So can you guys help me?


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Re: Information

Post by polandpoland on Fri Oct 08, 2010 5:38 am

if they attack from your island whether by occupation or not, they will not get rebounded by your ship, but if they attack from another island then yes. also if their cats run out of ammo before breaching your wall, then you have a 100% chance of winning


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